• June 16, 2024

It’s possible to get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on a Tesla

CarPlay compatibility is an important selling point for Tesla Android. However, Android Auto can also be used. Also, the Android tablet’s interface is available for web browsing and even diagnostics. But you shouldn’t do that when driving. CarPlay is enabled by its rival operating system. But the magic comes from the effort Gapinski put into it. Although it isn’t ready yet, it’s fun to see how people add features to their car in unexpected and geeky ways.

Each company is known for its design, technological advancements and control over their own ecosystem. Tesla uses a huge iPad-like display instead of traditional controls and its customers can access their cars using a smartphone. Also, it is steadily moving towards autonomous driving. It’s this that has caused people to refer to Tesla as the Apple of automakers. Elon Musk has even carplay tesla attempted to sell Tesla cars to Apple. And consumers often refer to a Tesla as an “iPhone in wheels.”

Tesla’s iPhone App is quite capable. Users can remotely unlock the car, adjust climate, and control charging. Also, the ability to use an iPhone as your key for your vehicle is a neat feature. The compatibility is mostly lost once you are in the vehicle, which is where you really want it integrated.

Apple Music is available to Apple Music subscribers. Tesla owners know their car does not have either of these features. Teslas do not have an Apple Music app, even though Spotify does. Instead you must stream via Bluetooth. Although you are able to control volume and skip songs, it is not as easy to access all of your music or create playlists like you would in other vehicles. All you get is the list of tracks from your current album or playlist.

Tesla’s engineers may have been trying to implement Apple Music. Tesla’s car software made a brief mention of Apple Music in December. Apple and Tesla are still unsure about launching this option. CarPlay and Android Auto are also not available. Apple claims on its website that CarPlay can be found in “over 600” models including cars from all major car manufacturers. But this isn’t true. The Tesla Model Y, or Model 3 at any moment, is always the top-selling electric vehicle.

Apple is not responsible for the Tesla’s lack of Apple Music support. It was decided by Tesla. Apple parking lots are dominated by Teslas (outside executive sections) – and Apple staff would be thrilled to receive Apple Music and CarPlay.

Apple wants its products on every device and in any automobile that can have them. Tesla’s integration is a win-win for Cupertino. Apple Music has already been integrated in the Porsche Taycan as well as Android smart TVs from Google and Amazon as speakers. Tesla isn’t willing to let go of control, but having CarPlay on a tiny window, for example, wouldn’t hurt. Tesla might be concerned that CarPlay would expose its users to Apple products and services, which could pose a danger when Apple releases their own car. Still, it’s puzzling.

Other areas of alignment between the two companies are possible, in addition to CarPlay support and Apple Music. Tesla might choose to use Apple’s TV+ service (Tesla currently offers Netflix), Apple Podcasts, or other Apple services. Apple on the other could provide Tesla with deeper integration into Apple Maps. This would better showcase Tesla’s charging network.

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